i just want to point something out -

i was lucky enough to attend two WWA shows. i went both days to metlife- on august 4th and 5th. between 5sos and one direction, music was playing while the music video to the song was on the big screens. they played olly murs, jason derulo, and a couple other popular artists. the stadium was packed, but nobody really payed attention to the music/music video. when a LM song came on, the stadium filled with screams. 

now try to tell me that 1D isn’t responsible for 90% of LM’s success. 

wow did you say 5sos? hm i wonder how they got famous? oh wait yeah one direction. seems like they would still be making youtube videos without their help :/

make me choose - anon asked: Jade or Leigh?


instead of teaching girls to stop sharing their bodies in a consensual comfortable way (aka nudes), we should teach boys not to leak private photos


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